MSE 494/598: Microstructure Modeling and Simulations

Semesters taught: Fall 2017

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Short tutorials

Here are selected tutorial videos that the students of MSE 494/598 developed for their project:

Particle Coarsening

Spinodal Decomposition

Solving Heat diffusion equation

Pre-requisite(s): Graduate Engineering student OR Science & Engr of Materials student, MSE 250

Course Description: This course will introduce students to the field of modeling and simulation of microstructural evolution. At the beginning of the course, fundamental key methods and basic numerical algorithms for prediction of microstructures will be discussed while citing examples from scientific and industrial applications. It will be followed by lectures on Phase-field method, which is one of the most popular and robust techniques to investigate microstructural evolution at the mesoscopic length and diffusive time scales. A short overview of other approaches in terms of their capabilities and limitations will also be provided. Students will gain hands-on experience in computer coding and model development for microstructural evolution that accompanies alloy solidification, spinodal decomposition, and grain growth, as shown below. Both, fundamental concepts as well as necessary analytical and numerical techniques for solving governing phase-field equations will be covered.